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Foothill Employment and Training Connection One Stop Career Center

Phone Number: (626) 796-5627
Fax Number: (626) 584-8375
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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri, 8 am - 5 pm
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Veterans Employment Representative: Yes
Business Services Representatives, Phone Numbers and Email Addresses:
 - Joumana Barakat | (626) 584-8387 |
 - Julie McElrath | (626) 304-8903 |
Parking Availability: Free Parking is Available at Site
Public Transit Access: The closest Bus Stop is within 0 blocks
UI Filing Assistance by Phone Available: Yes
UI Filing Assistance Online Available: Yes
Career Resource Room: Yes
Rooms where employers can interview job seekers: Yes
Telephones: Yes
Fax Machines: Yes
Copy Machine: Yes
Personal Computers: Yes
Internet Access: Yes
Video Viewing Stations: Yes
Employer Specific Resource Room: Yes

The following are frequently asked questions by many customers who are interested in finding out more about FWDB/FETC programs.

What geographical areas does the FWDB/FETC serve?

FWDB/FETC is the locally designated Workforce Development Agency for the cities of Pasadena, South Pasadena, Sierra Madre, Arcadia, Monrovia and Duarte. We are also the Workforce Development Board for this area. We are responsible for administering the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds that are designed to help you with your employment needs.  If you live or work (or worked) in any of these cities, we can help you.

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What is the WIOA program?

WIOA is an acronym for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. The primary objective of this federal legislation is to assist job seekers in obtaining employment.

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What can the WIOA program do for me?

WIOA offers a wide array of services to customers who require a little more help in finding a job. WIOA does not guarantee a job but can assist customers with their job search efforts. It is the ultimate responsibility of the job seeker to secure employment.

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Can WIOA pay for training or classes?

Many of our customers come to us seeking financial assistance for training, but the WIOA program does not focus primarily on training. Our main goal is to help you in finding employment, and if it is determined that you need to upgrade your skills in order to be competitive in the job market, then training may be considered as an option for you. We have to assess the skills that you possess and determine whether or not you can obtain employment with your current skill set. WIOA is not an entitlement program and, therefore, just because a customer wants training does not necessarily mean that he or she is going to be determined to be in need of training. WIOA is not here to retrain people who just decide they want a new career when they could currently qualify for other jobs.

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What services does WIOA provide?

The WIOA program can offer a variety of services that are based upon the customer's goals. Services may include goal setting, career exploration, job referrals, counseling, budgeting, training, and supportive services.

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Who is eligible for WIOA?

The WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker programs serve individuals who are 18 years of age and older who are unemployed, underemployed or have lost their jobs due to plant closings, mass layoffs or other reasons. WIOA programs are also available to youth ages 14 – 24.

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How do you get into the WIOA program?

Attending an orientation is everyone’s first step to receiving services. Please call (626) 796-5627 to reserve a space. Seating is limited. The Foothill Employment and Training Connection (FETC) is located at 1207 E. Green Street in Pasadena. Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We are closed all major holidays. However, if you only want to use the self-directed services and resources available at FETC, just walk-in at any time and sign up at the front desk.

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How long does it take to get into the WIOA program?

The length of time may vary from person to person. You may be required to provide additional information before a final decision is made so a lot will depend on how quickly you respond to what is requested of you.

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Who decides which applicants are served by WIOA?

The process of determining who will be registered into WIOA is a committee decision and is based upon input from the eligibility certification staff, case managers, placement and follow-up staff, the WIOA management and representatives from any of the partner agencies that may also be serving the individual.

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If I am certified as eligible am I guaranteed services by WIOA?

WIOA is not an entitlement program just because you meet the eligibility requirements. Because WIOA is an employment program, we are seeking to assist only those individuals who are serious about obtaining a job. Our continued funding depends upon the customer and the program mutually agreeing to achieve the same performance outcomes. In other words, the goals of someone wanting to participate in the WIOA program have to be compatible with the goals of the program and what WIOA can provide to that individual.

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How long do I have to participate in WIOA?

There is no official timeframe for participating in WIOA; however, our goal is to assist you in obtaining your employment goal in the shortest period of time possible. Some customers may only participate for a few months while others may be in the program for a longer period depending on whether or not they have been determined in need of training. Customers who are not actively participating for a 90-day period will automatically be transitioned out of the program, a process we refer to as being exited. Once you agree to participate in the program, you must commit to cooperating fully with the WIOA staff throughout the time you are receiving services and for up to one year after you exit the program. During this one-year follow-up period you will be contacted by FETC at least once a quarter so that we may check up on your employment status and to determine whether or not you need additional services from the program.

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Why do I have to continue participating in the program once I find a job?

Once you are successful in finding a job, whether through our referrals or on your own, it is critical that you share this employment information with a representative from our staff. Since WIOA is a performance driven program, we must report the successes and failures of our customers finding and retaining employment in order to continue receiving funds to operate and serve others. The majority of these performance outcomes are measured during the year after customers have transitioned out of the program. This is why we have to continue contacting our customers even though they have already gotten a job and no longer need our assistance.

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Can WIOA guarantee a job for me?

WIOA cannot guarantee anyone a job. We will commit to assisting you in any way possible in finding employment, but you, and only you, are ultimately responsible for getting the job. WIOA can make a job referral, help you in preparing a resume, or coach you for the interview. However, you have to make the right impression on a perspective employer and sell yourself as the best candidate for them to hire.

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What are the qualifications for training?

Training is not an entitlement service under WIOA. Approval for training is generally given to those individuals who do not have marketable job skills and are determined to be in need of training in order to be competitive in the job market. WIOA funds can only be used for training in occupations where the jobs are available or showing growth in the Los Angeles County area. Customers may view vocational training options at FETC only uses vendors who are on this website and contracted to serve.

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What does WIOA pay if I also receive a Pell grant?

There is a limit to the amount of funding that may be paid for training so customers must demonstrate that they are able to afford the balance of the costs before a request for training can be considered. Customers are required to apply resources from other sources of financial aid such as Pell grants or scholarships. Student loans are not permissible under WIOA as a form of payment for training.

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What does it mean when I am "exited" from the program?

The term "exited" is used to describe the point at which WIOA customers are transitioned out of the program and begin the one-year follow-up period where they will be contacted periodically to check on their progress and to obtain employment information that will be used in evaluating program performance measurements. The reasons that a customer may be exited include: employment and completion of all planned goals, no longer actively participating, incarceration, health or medical reasons that prohibit employment.

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Why was I exited from the program?

WIOA is a performance-based program that must achieve contractual outcome measures in order to continue operations. There are strict guidelines placed on the staff in terms of providing services to customers. If a customer is not actively participating on at least a monthly basis then FETC may be forced to transition him or her out of the program.

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Do I have to be eligible for the program to attend the job search assistance workshops offered at FETC?

You can sign up to attend any one of our workshops that are offered to the general public. You can find a calendar of workshop topics and times on our website.

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What can I do if my employer is planning a layoff?

FWDB provides pre-layoff assistance to businesses that are closing, downsizing, or transferring out of the State. If your employer is planning a layoff, please contact Business Liaisons, Joumana Barakat, (626) 584-8387 - or Julie McElrath, (626) 304-8903 -

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Can I continue to receive unemployment insurance while in training?

You will need to contact the State of California Employment Development (EDD) to inquire about benefits. They may be reached at 1-866-333-4606.

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Do Veterans receive priority service?

Yes, first priority will be given to Veterans and eligible spouses. Priority of service for veterans means that if they meet minimum eligibility standards they would move ahead of others without their priority in the processing of their application as funding is available.

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